National Criminal Record

National Criminal Record



Budget €8.678.019,00 (NSRF 2007-2013)
State Productive
Contracting Authority Hellenic Ministry of Justice
Contractor Joint venture of Companies "Unisystems - Singular"
Short Description
Implementation of an Integrated Information System where the competent judicial authorities register the criminal records of the citizens who have been irrevocably sentenced by our country's Courts.

Establishment of infrastructures, which enables electronic interconnection, between the Central Authority for the Criminal Record of our country and the respective Central Authorities of the European Union (EU) Member States.

Immediate access by the Central Authority of Greece to all centralized electronic information on the criminal record, so that the (Central Authority) can adhere to the deadlines set by the relevant provisions in european level.

Achievement, as a result, of optimization and quality upgrade of the administrative services provided to citizens, Courts, other Public Services, lawyers, EU Member States etc. concerning the criminal record.

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Services Provided
  • Electronic submission of an application and obtaining a copy of a criminal record by citizens.
  • Electronic submission of an application and obtaining a copy of a criminal record by:
    • judicial authorities.
    • directors of prisons or reformational institutions.
    • public services, civil, military, church authorities, Legal Entities of Public Law, public utility companies, in cases specifically provided for by current legislation.
    • Public Services that are competent for issuing the final administrative act, for which a copy of the criminal record is required as evidence, through the procedure of ex officio search of the supporting documents.
    • police stations.
    • foreign embassies or consulates accredited in Greece for those who are about to emigrate.
    • foreign authorities having criminal jurisdiction, as long as there is an obligation to provide legal assistance.
    • Central Authorities of EU Member States.
  • Veryfication of authenticity of Criminal Records copies, issued by the Integrated Information System of the project.
  • Notification - Informing

As part of the project, web services have been developed, through which public information systems can be interconnected to exchange information, that are included in a criminal record copy and the use of this information is institutionally proprietary to meet their own operational needs.